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Town Beach Updates

10/2/18 - We have restored access to our beach. Please use your good judgement. Leave immediately and seek appropriate medical attention if there are ill effects. The Lifeguard is not on the Tower so swimming is still prohibited at the Town Beach until further notice. 
Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

9/30/18  - As reported in the Palm Beach Post, there are reported rashes and respiratory issues at beaches in Palm Beach County - primarily near the Lake Okeechobee discharge points in Jupiter and Lake Worth. 

As a precautionary measure, we are following the advice of State and County Health Departments and closing the Palm Beach Shores' beach while the cause is being investigated.  

We advise our residents to stay out of the water, avoid contact with the seaweed (We know, there's a lot of seaweed) and folks with respiratory issues should avoid the beach altogether until the source of the problem is identified and remedied.  

If you experience a rash or coughing, please notify the Lifeguard and PBS Dispatch at (561) 844-3456.  

We will notify the Town when we are given the all-clear from the County.  

Thank you for your cooperation, 
Mayor Myra Koutzen