Community Center

Community Center

Our Community Center officially opened its doors in 2007. Beautifully designed, it is used by the Town's civic groups for various activities, by town residents for parties, weddings, and other events, and can be used by non-residents through a select list of service providers.  The ground floor is an open design for casual get-togethers, and has a grill and mini-kitchen. The upstairs is more similar to a banquet hall with a catering kitchen, bar area, etc.  

Community Center Aeiral View

For More Information Please Contact:
Community Center Coordinator: Sandi Lue
Phone: 561-844-3457

Non-residents of Palm Beach Shores may only have use of the facility through the following contracted Service Providers.

Hugo Centeno   
Hugo's Gourmet

Tel: (561) 512-8376

Nikolin Bujaj
Islander Grill
Tel:  (561) 842-8282

Residents of the Town of Palm Beach Shores
Contact: Sandi Lue
Call:   561-844-3457