Underground Utilities Project: History and Documents

Underground utilities
project history

For the past several years, our Town has been discussing whether we should make the investment to place our electric and cable service delivery underground.  On October 29, 2018, your Town Commission voted unanimously to accept the Binding Cost Estimate from FPL putting the project officially in motion.   At the same meeting, the Commission approved two loans with CenterState Bank  totaling $6 million to fund the project.  They also accepted the bid of $4.3 million from Viking Utility as the Town's contractor to construct the new underground system.  

 The details of all of the steps leading up to this important step forward for our Town is here on this page.  It includes everything from the initial feasibility study through the final bidding process.  

The  Feasibility Study was completed by our Engineer, Brannon & Gillespie, LLC.  It provides a general outline of the benefits, process, timeline and estimated expense of undertaking the project.  The full study can be viewed by following the link on the left.