Planning & Zoning Board

Planning & Zoning Board

The Town's Charter calls for a Town Planning and Zoning Board, and gives a description of what its duties and responsibilities will be:

 "It shall be the duty of the Planning and Zoning Board to periodically review the general overall welfare, design and appearance of the municipality with regard to buildings, roads, utilities, storm and sanitary sewers, improvements and all new projects of any nature.  They shall periodically review the town ordinances and codes and shall further revise, amend or rewrite such ordinances and codes to properly meet the requirements of necessity, future planning or growth of the municipality.  Such suggested revisions, amendments or new ordinances and codes shall be submitted in writing to the commissioners for their disposition as to further action."

"The Planning and Zoning Board shall review all plans and specifications covering new buildings, piers, docks, seawalls, property line walls and all building renovations and additions.  They shall approve, correct or disapprove such plans and specifications with regard to meeting the intent of lawful codes, ordinances, deed restrictions and general overall aesthetic value."

The Planning and Zoning Board meets the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm.

Jerald Cohn   Chair  Email Mitty Bernard Attorney
Kevin Banks Vice Chair Email Josh Nichols Zoning Official
Tim Blash Member Email Rob Rennebaum Engineer
Steven Smith Member Email  Orlando Rodriguez Building
Tony Lembo Member Email    
Weston Gracida Alternate Email