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Building Permit Application and Fee Information22 documents

  • A/C Change Out Form
    document Header A/C Change Out Form
  • Building Permit Application
    document Header Building Permit Application
  • Building Permit Fees
    document Header Building Permit Fees
  • Change of Contractor Request
    document Header Change of Contractor Request
  • Contractor Registration
    document Header Contractor Registration
  • Demolition Sign Off Form
    document Header Demolition Sign Off Form
  • Development Application - DRC App
    document Header Development Application - DRC App
  • Development Review Application - Pools
    document Header Development Review Application - Pools
  • Early Power Release Form
    document Header Early Power Release Form
  • Easement Release Agreement - Fences
    document Header Easement Release Agreement - Fences
  • Hold Harmless Agreement - Town Parkway
    document Header Hold Harmless Agreement - Town Parkway
  • Mechanical Affidavit
    document Header Mechanical Affidavit
  • Next Steps After DRC
    document Header Next Steps After DRC
  • Notice of Commencement
    document Header Notice of Commencement
  • Owner/Builder Disclosure Form
    document Header Owner/Builder Disclosure Form
  • Permit Application Checklist
    document Header Permit Application Checklist
  • Permit Revision Application
    document Header Permit Revision Application
  • Plumbing Contractor Affidavit
    document Header Plumbing Contractor Affidavit
  • Pool Safety Affidavit
    document Header Pool Safety Affidavit
  • Roofing Affidavit - Sheathing
    document Header Roofing Affidavit - Sheathing
  • Roofing Affidavit - Tin-Tag/Shingle
    document Header Roofing Affidavit - Tin-Tag/Shingle
  • Roofing Contractor Affidavit
    document Header Roofing Contractor Affidavit

Portable Storage Units (PSU)3 documents

  • PSU - Extension Request - Single Family Dwellings
    document Header PSU - Extension Request - Single Family Dwellings
  • PSU - Multi-Family Dwellings and Non-Residential Properties
    document Header PSU - Multi-Family Dwellings and Non-Residential Properties
  • PSU - Single Family Dwellings
    document Header PSU - Single Family Dwellings