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Mission Statement

The Palm Beach Shores Police Department is dedicated to ensuring public safety and enhancing the quality of community life, by enforcing the law in a manner consistent with the rights of all. We are committed to the values of integrity, fairness and loyalty in our dealings with both the community and the Department members who serve it. We recognize the need for change when necessary and to remain progressive by developing innovative programs aimed at achieving excellence in policing.

Why We No Longer Have An Open Door

Advances in technology and equipment have opened the door to innovative and superior services that is our privilege to offer to residents of Palm Beach Shores. With these advances come some growing pains.

The general public has always known this police department to be a place to come for a cool drink when it was hot outside, or often just to stop by for a chat. Some of you may have noticed that our door is closed more often and we tend to greet you at the window rather than allowing all visitors to enter the building without restriction.

As a result of new equipment and procedures, we have had to enter into certain security agreements with various state and local agencies. These agreements and policies came about as a result of a number of things. We now have enhanced access to criminal files and records. Many of these items are confidential in nature, and in order for this information to flow through the department, some of this data must be posted in various places. These postings, by law, are not for the public eye. An additional issue is having an operational 9-1-1 system in place. Not only is access to the physical equipment limited, but distractions to the duty telecommunicator must be kept to a minimum.

None of these changes are intended to dissuade any citizen from conducting business at this facility. Rather, they are born from operational obligations and are intended to provide a better public service.

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