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Mayor’s Newsletter - Hurricane Debris Removal

September 30, 2017

Good News!  Our hurricane debris removal team plan to start picking up the piles along our streets starting this week.  

Please be sure to keep your palm fronds and branches in their own pile.  You can put leaves and lawn clippings in black bags in a separate pile.  And put fences, furniture, etc in a third pile.  As always, call Town Hall with your questions.  844-3457.  

The reason it has taken this long is because FEMA will only reimburse the Town for hurricane debris removal if we use one of their 6 authorized haulers.  Waste Management is not an authorized hauler.  We planned ahead and signed an agreement with one such hauler, Phillips & Jordan, before the hurricane but we've had to fight every other city in Florida to get them here.  Given that this debris removal is likely to cost the Town an estimated $150,000, ($7/cubic yard), waiting a couple of weeks seems a small price to pay for a reimbursable hauler.  13 years ago, it cost the Town $160,000 after Frances to haul away the debris.  

So if you haven't already done so, get the last of your hurricane debris out by the curb so we can get it taken away.  

Thank you for your patience.  
Your Mayor, Myra

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