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Mayor's Newsletter #1 September - Hurricane Irma

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September 14, 2017


Hello Palm Beach Shores,
We're still here!  Slightly bruised and very sweaty but generally counting our blessings.  

Yes, that is a photo of Alan on the east end of the Inlet walkway.  He is standing in front of the 4 feet of sand that Irma deposited all the way down the walkway.  And notice the grey boulder buried in the sand. That boulder (and many others) started their week on the other side of the sea wall and were lifted by the waves 25 feet inland.  In the background, you can see our 300 lb bench that was flipped and given a new location.  We're still looking for the garbage can that was by the bench.  But on to business.  

Safety First
With many folks still without air conditioning, please keep an eye on your neighbors.  If you see them struggling with the heat, call us in Town Hall (844-3457) or Police Dispatch (844-3456.)  We can help.  We have AC in Town Hall so come in to cool down and to charge your cell phones.  

Services Update
1) I know you want to know when you'll get power back.  FPL replaced the broken power pole between Linda and Inlet which was hampering their efforts.  They have to get all wires off the ground before they can finish electrifying the Town.  They promise that all will be finished by Sunday and we are pushing them to be done faster than that.  

2) The curfew has been lifted.  

3) Trash and recycling pickup has resumed on the normal schedule.  

4) Vegetation pickup will begin next week.  Please pile it by the road but try to keep the roadway itself clear.  Do not mix vegetation with bulk items like furniture.  Make that a separate pile.  

5) If you are away, make sure you have someone empty your fridge.  

6) Let me know if you want me to send photos of your house or yard or have a Police Officer check your property.  

7) We will send out information on making a claim with FEMA as soon as we have it.  

We Love Our Staff!
Where do we begin to tell our designated Emergency Officer, Chief Steve Langevin, along with Chief Steedman, Public Works Director Alan Welch, Town Clerk Evyonne Browning and all of the Officers, Dispatchers, Firefighter/Paramedics, Maintenance staff and Town Hall staff who did such a great job protecting us and our property through the storm.  Riviera Beach closed their Singer Island Fire station and we covered for them.  Good thing we stuck around.  There was an apartment fire that our guys handled.  (Hurricane Evacuation Tip #78: Turn off your stove before you leave.). 

There was excellent communication and they handled any issues capably and with good cheer.  They work so well together as a team and look out for each other as well as our residents.  Perhaps our civic groups can organize something for us to express our appreciation in the Fall.  

Commission Business
The Preliminary 2018 Budget Hearing, originally scheduled for last Monday night, has been moved to Monday, September 25 at 6:00PM before the Commission meeting at 7:00.  We have a balanced budget which includes our new firefighter/paramedics without raising the millage rate. The Final 2018 Budget Hearing will be the next night, Sept 26, at 6:00 PM before the P&Z.

The new Waste Management contract will be on the Sept 25 Commission agenda and possibly the Police contract if we can get it finished in time. 

That's my report for now.  If you have any other questions, let me know. 
Your Mayor, Myra


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