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After The Storm Update 2

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September 11, 2017



9/12/17: After The Storm Update 2


Good morning:


The county EOC conference call ended about 10 minutes, little more information was available.  53 Percent of the county is without power, they are working on the feeder line at 20 mike bend and other areas.


They expect county wide power to be back on by Sunday afternoon, rumor control has our power back on this afternoon, but again it may just be hopeful thinking spreading.


Town hall is up and running and fully staffed, public works has been working hard and clearing areas, building official is on site and assessing the buildings in question. 

Fire Department is fully staffed and also reviewing the street, there was small fire in the 100 block of cascade and the state fire marshal was called and will respond as available to investigate.


The county has moved the curfew to10PM to 6AM.


Palm Beach County schools Closed for the rest of the week.


Chief Steven Langevin

Palm Beach Shores Police



9/11/17: After The Storm Update 1

Good morning Chief Steve Langevin Palm Beach Shores police.

We made it through with a lot of tree damage, we used a front end loader we rented and cleared all streets, except Blossom and the Parkway. we are working to cut it and move it as quickly as we can. some structural damage, but all in all we did well. The county has lifted the curfew until 8PM tonight, so it is clear to come home. However we still do not have power and no expected time frame for repair The police departments' phone lines are down, a generator failed and without it we do not have communications except for 911 and our police radios. 


Initial Damage Assessment:
Conditions remain dangerous until teams are able to assess damage and begin clearing streets.  Please support us by staying off the streets to allow our safety teams to begin to clear the streets and ensure it is safe.  There may be dangerous areas with downed power lines, gas leaks, and debris that need to be cleared. While teams are working, please do not leave your homes. 
Do not drive or walk through standing water. Standing water poses significant threats to life as there may be downed power lines and debris that you can't see which can cause electrocution or significant harm to life.

Trash Pickup:
Trash pick-up remains SUSPENDED today, Monday, September 11.  We will provide further information when available. 

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