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Hello Palm Beach Shores,

Things are heating up here at the beach.  The turtle nests are multiplying and the first nest of babies have hatched and made their way to the ocean.  This photo (compliments of Turtle Patrollers Rosemary Johnson and Sue Fleming) is of a 1,000 lb Leatherback nest. You should know that Leatherbacks perform a vital function for us beach people.  They eat up to twice their weight in jellyfish each day. 

Police Chief Transition

Steve Langevin, will be sworn in as our new Police Chief at the Monday June 19 Commission meeting.  We will also have a reception for both Duncan and Steve over a pizza lunch on Thursday, June 29 in the Commission chambers.   Everyone is welcome to join us to wish them both well with their new responsibilities. 

Commission Business

We are continuing to work on the Beach Cabana contract with Cindy Larcher. The proposed contract terms will be on the next Commission agenda for discussion.   

Also on Monday's agenda will be two parking items.  First, a proposed ordinance requiring registration of landscaping and construction vehicles and requiring a parking pass.  This is in response to resident requests for better accountability of the many vehicles parked on Town streets.  Second, the fees for beach parking will be set by the Commission. 

The Town has also begun the process of bidding our waste removal services.  Our contract with Waste Management expires in September so we are getting bids.  We are requesting bids with a few different options:

  • The same service schedule as we currently enjoy.
  • Adding a second lawn waste pickup
  • Replacing one household waste pickup with a second lawn waste pickup
  • Investigating different garbage and recycling containers. 

We are looking for ways to improve our service while keeping costs low. 

2018 Town Budget

Our first budget workshop is tentatively scheduled for Monday, July 10 at 6:00 PM in the Commission Chambers.  We will give an overview of the budget situation and decisions to be made.  We will also discuss a proposed millage rate, possible capital projects and set the priorities.  Everyone welcome.  

Let Us Help You

Don't forget that our Police and Fire staff are available to help you in a number of ways.  Our Police have the CARE program that can keep an eye on your house while you are away.   Or perhaps you know a resident who would appreciate a daily phone call to check on their welfare.  Our Fire staff will be happy to do a home safety inspection or come over to change a smoke alarm battery for you.  Let us know how we can be of service to you. 

Community Center

As you probably know, we have been discussing Community Center issues and pricing.  Staff has had discussions with residents, the civic groups and the Commission.  We have developed a profit & loss analysis that shows an annual carrying cost of over $100,000 .  We looked at what other local communities charge their residents for similar facilities and we are under priced in comparison.  You can see the details on the Town's website under the Projects tab.  

So I'm asking for guidance from you, the residents, before we bring this to the Commission for action as part of the budget discussion.  

  • Do you think that we should continue to allow the civic groups to use the facilities without charge?  
  • Should we have a separate charge for using the beach?
  • We are considering raising the cost of resident rentals for personal events and adding a cleaning fee.  Right now, if a resident rents the second floor for a wedding, because our $400 price is so low, each of us ends up underwriting part of their event with our property taxes.  Should you help pay for your neighbor's wedding?

If you look at the competitive pricing information on the website, you'll see that our $40/hr price (for renting the second floor) is much lower than resident rental prices for similar venues in neighboring towns.  Their prices range from $75-$220/hr.  

One thought is to raise the price to residents of renting the second floor and keep the pricing of the first floor low and more affordable.  

So let us know what you think about this.  We don't expect the Community Center to make money or break even but we do want our pricing to be fair and competitive.   

Community Calendar

Monday June 19: Commission meeting, Town Hall, 7PM

Weds, June 21: Code Magistrate Hearing, Town Hall, 2PM

Friday, June 29: Pizza with Myra and the Chiefs, Town Hall, Noon

Weds, July 5: DRC, Town Hall, 2PM

Monday, July 10: Budget Workshop, Town Hall, 6PM

Monday, July 17: Commission meeting, Town Hall, 7PM

That's all I have for now.  Be well. 
Your Mayor, Myra



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