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Important Flood Safety Information for Residents & Business Owners

May 23, 2017

Important Flood Safety Information for Residents and Business Owners


For your own safety, here is no substitute for advance planning and preparation for flood events.  Do not drive around road barriers.  Roads may not be distinguishable from canals.  Do not walk through flowing water.  As little as six inches of moving water can knock you off your feet.  Stay away from power lines and electrical wires.  Evacuate the area as soon as the order is given or sooner if possible!  If evacuation becomes necessary be sure to turn off all utility services at the main connection.


Call the Town at (561) 844-3457 to find out if your property is located in a flood zone, or susceptible to coastal erosion, if it is in an area that has flooded previously, is located near an area that should be protected due to the its natural floodplain functions and if an elevation certificate is on file.


Whether or not your property is in a FEMA defined flood zone, you should buy flood insurance.  Losses due to flooding are not covered in a typical homeowners’ insurance policy.  Flood insurance is available for buildings and a separate policy can be purchased for the contents of a building (Renters take note!).  Call your insurance agent today, or go to to find an agent.  There is a 30-day waiting period before the policy will become effective.


There are practical and cost effective methods for reducing or eliminating your property’s exposure to flooding.  Check your building for water entry points, such as doors, low windows, and dryer vents.  These can be protected by the construction of low walls, barriers, or berms to keep water away from the building.  You could elevate the building, elevate electrical equipment, install backflow valves.  Find more information at FEMA’s website, .  Town staff members are available to provide flood-related property protection consultations, including site visit and drainage evaluation.  Call (561) 844-3457 for more information about these services.


A community can lose a portion of its drainage system carrying or storage capacity due to dumping, debris, soil erosion, and sedimentation, and overgrowth of vegetation.  When this happens, flooding occurs more frequently and the water rises higher, subjecting properties otherwise protected to unnecessary risk of damage.  Keep grass clippings and other debris out of stormwater drainage systems to prevent clogging and loss of stormwater storage.  Should you experience any drainage problems, or to report illegal dumping of debris into the stormwater system, please call the Town at (561) 844-3457 to report the problem.


Residents should be aware that Palm Beach Shores is linked to Palm Beach County Emergency Management Division who will advise our community of impending storms and flood threats.  Stay tuned to local television and radio stations and the Weather Channel for up-to-the-minute information.  The Town of Palm Beach Shores emergency number is (561) 844-3456.  Town Emergency Management staff will provide detailed and site specific information regarding storm conditions and flood threats and will issue updates, warnings and evacuation notices door-to-door as needed.


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