Town of Palm Beach Shores

Message from the PBS Police Dept. - Be on the Lookout

May 10, 2017

Wanted to give everyone an update on the calls we made earlier. 2 White males, one about 45 to 50 years old, about 5 foot tall with a salt and pepper bead. The second individual was about 6 foot heavy set with a chubby face.

The knocked on a door on Claremont Lane, the resident opened the door and was met by the shorter of the two who said they were with Riviera Beach water department. They said there was a water problem and they needed to check the water pressure, the resident attempted to close the door and the shorter of the two pulled it open and the two entered, they kept the husband and wife distracted and they left with an engagement ring. There was a 15 minute delay in reporting to the police after which the area was searched to Broadway.. Please let us know if you see anything you believe is out of the ordinary. Please let us check it out!  Call PBS Police at 561-844-3456 or 911  

As you may or may not know we have warrants out for the arrests of the two individuals who we believe burglarized the 2 homes on Tacoma Lane a few months back, we are still working the case and between our agency, Boca Raton and St. Lucie county we have sought search warrants for their phones. Pawn shop data bases are check continually, but to date only one piece of jewelry has been recovered.

Sorry to bring this bad news to you, but wanted everyone to be aware and on the look out.

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