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Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in yesterday's municipal election. 

First, the  Undergrounding Bond Financing referendum won overwhelming support:  64% of the voters approved which is very close to the straw poll results last summer.  The Town Commission and Staff promise to make every effort to live up to the faith you have placed in us to do the project well and frugally. 

The results on the Charter questions were mixed.  Question 2, the general cleanup, was approved while the other three questions were not.  You probably have your own interpretation of those results.  I think that it means that the residents are basically satisfied with the way the Town Government has operated over the years and not ready to change it.  Fine with me. 

You can see the complete results in today's Palm Beach Post or on the Elections website (pictured above) at

Now, back to work,
Mayor Myra

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