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Community Policing - Newest scams & how not to be a victim

January 26, 2017


Community Policing Meeting

Date:         Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Time:        7:00pm

Topic:       Newest scams and how not to become a victim

Location: 247 Edwards Lane, Town Hall Chambers


Time to check your credit report!

With Christmas and New Years now behind us, it is imperative that you thoroughly review your credit card and bank statements. I know we tell you this throughout the year, but it is even more important now. Think of all the shopping you did over the past 2 or 3 months. We need to ensure your accounts & your identity have not been compromised. Please review the following financial statements, along with your credit report:

  1. Your bank account statements

  2. Your billing statements

  3. Your Credit card statements

If you notice anything you are unsure of, report it immediately!

To receive your FREE credit report from Equifax, you may type the following web address into your browser's address bar:

OR, you may simply click on this link:  Equifax

If you use the link provided, you will be taken to the search page of the free website. When you arrive on this page:

  1. Click the red button that reads, "Request your credit reports"

  2. Fill in the form with your personal information, and click the red button that reads, "Next"

  3. Select "Equifax" and click on the red button that reads, "Next"

  4. Follow the steps to confirm your identity and view your report.

PLEASE remember to print your report! If you leave the site without printing your report, you will not be able to view it a second time.


As always, if there is a topic you wish to learn more about (or something that is concerning you) please let us know so we can ensure it is covered.


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