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NEWS RELEASE 04-16: Parkway Sidewalk Renovation Project begins Monday

July 29, 2016

Parkway Sidewalk Renovation Project begins Monday


Palm Beach Shores, FL – The Town has contracted with Thomas D. Adeimy, Inc. to begin work on the Parkway Sidewalk Renovation Project on Monday, August 1, 2016.  This is the first of the three-phase project to address specific sections of the walkway that have evidence of cracks, broken pieces, and that are raised to an uneven surface creating a trip hazard. The repairs are necessary due to tree roots, and age of the concrete. The repairs are not only for safety of the public, but also to enhance the beauty of the Parkway. Each of the phases will be conducted over the next three calendar years.


The first phase will be the removal and replacement of the specific sidewalk areas of concern on the Parkway between Bamboo Road and Inlet Road to required specifications of 5’X5’X4” thick.  Sidewalk sections in the vicinity of Town Hall at Edwards Lane will be widened to meet ADA requirements and ease of pedestrian access and use.


The second phase will be removal of all the 16”X16” landscape pavers located under the 26 park benches along the parkway, and replaced with a solid concrete slab 4’x5’x4” to safely secure the benches.  


The final phase will be repairing the sections of the Parkway consisting of brick pavers either by replacing, and or leveling them due to trip hazards.


The total contracted cost of the first phase is $19,972.50 with work scheduled for completion by September 16, 2016. 


Pedestrians are urged to exercise caution along the Parkway when work is in progress and are asked to please adhere to the barricades and signage present near and around the work areas. 


The contracted hours of work will be from 8:00 am till 6:00 pm, consistent with the Town’s code.  From time to time between these designated hours, residents may experience noise levels from miscellaneous equipment to include jackhammers, concrete saws, small machinery, and leaf blowers.


Under the direction of the Public Works Director the contractor will be mindful of the landscape of the parkway, and the pedestrian traffic, and most of all “SAFETY!”


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