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Undergrounding Project Initiative


Project Status Updates

 - Status Update #7 (11/07/16)

 - Status Update #6 (8/09/16)

 - Status Update #5 (8/01/16)

 - Status Update #4 (7/22/16)

 - Status Update #3 (7/08/16)

 - Status Update #2 (7/01/16)

 - Status Update #1 (6/09/16)



For the past several years, our Town has been discussing whether we should make the investment to place our electric and cable service delivery underground.  Your Town Commission is now asking that you decide whether the derived aesthetic, reliability and safety benefits justify the expense.  


The State of Florida has mandated that all power lines be hardened to lessen the impact of severe storms.  Accordingly, we cannot stay the way we are.  We must either 1) bury our utility lines and eliminate all of the poles in town or 2) allow FPL to harden our existing above ground system with larger concrete poles and equipment throughout the town. 


A Feasibility Study has been completed by our Engineer, Brannon & Gillespie, LLC. that provides a general outline of the benefits, process, timeline and estimated expense of undertaking the project.  The full study can be viewed by following the link on the left.  





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