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Town Charter Review


The Town Charter is the constitution of the Palm Beach Shores government.  It determines the government’s structure process of elections and defines the roles and responsibilities of the various functions.

Our charter has not undergone a significant review and analysis in quite awhile.  The Town Commission appointed a charter review committee to determine if changes are advisable and to recommend new wording if applicable.  The committee chair was Barbara Bennett.  Committee members including, Tim Glas, Carol Hurst, Pat O’Ohara and George Sylvester.  Our Town Attorney, Keith Davis provided guidance and support to the committee as they deliberated and formed their recommendations.

The Committee did extensive research by reading other Town Charters and interviewing a number of officials and experts.  They produced a document with recommended changes for consideration by the Town Commission and residents.

The Town Commission has taken up discussion of the committee’s recommended actions.  All changes to the Town Charter must be approved by voter referendum. The goal is to have the issue before the voters on the March 14, 2017 ballot.

Residents are encouraged to consider the proposed changes and to discuss their ideas with the commissioners.

Watch this space for project updates.

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